Guy Raz Can Barely Believe It

Have you listened to the NPR-produced podcast, “How I Built This”?  It’s an interview-style podcast that profiles entrepreneurs and examines “how they built” successful companies.  Some of the past guests include: Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s), Tony Hsieh (Zappos), and Sara Blakely (Spanx). And, as with nearly …


The Importance of Defining Success for Yourself

“Success” is a tricky word. Everyone intuitively knows what it means.   But how often do you stop and think about whether or not the type of success you’re pursuing is what you really want? External forces — family pressures, financial needs, social media influences, advertising, mainstream culture — are all too happy to define …


“Tribes” by Seth Godin: Motivational Blue Balls

Tribes book

Positives 1) It’s small, physically.  Despite having only average-sized hands, I felt powerful holding this dainty little book.  Walking around palming this thing made me feel like the LeBron James of book handling. 2) There was no wait at the library to check it out. 3) It fills me with hope.  Hope to know that …


My Facebook Page Has 1 Like And, Though I’m Incredibly Proud Of And Humbled By This Particular Like, I Want To Harness The Power And Kindness Of The Internet To Potentially Double This Number By 2019

Facebook logo

An Open Letter to Whomever is Reading This Right Now There’s something pure about having only one “like” to keep track of on my Official Facebook page for Entire Thoughts.  All the graphs and insights are quite simple and easy to follow visually, which is great. Plus I’m able to conduct very effective targeted marketing …


How to Keep People Far, Far Away from Your Website

Sand dunes, Death Valley

Step 1: Get domain name. Step 2: Prepare for immediate success.  Think grandiose thoughts, like: Buckle the fuck up people of Earth — this shit is happening. Ooh, what’s happening??? Nothing…just, my NEW FUCKING WEBSITE!!!  *fist pump* *high kick* *jump spin* *crotch grab* Step 3: Fantasize about staying humble when the hurricane of instant online …


Things I Don’t Know That I Know I Should Know

Vintage nerd at computer

World Geography The part of my brain responsible for learning geographical information retired and filed for Social Security the second I mastered U.S. states and their capitals. Sorry, rest of the world. I can still get by; I generally know where things are.  But I’m not winning any global geography trivia nights. What Makes Cars …


Why You Should (Probably) Avoid Public Accounting

Shawshank - In the Rain

I’m a CPA with a Master’s degree in accounting.  And I’m truly glad that I understand how to read financial statements, prepare a tax return, and manage and invest my own money.  I’m even more glad that I don’t work in public accounting anymore. Looking back, I originally liked the idea of a career in …


The Life and Art of R. Crumb

R. Crumb Self-Portrait

I have a longstanding fascination with the cartoonist and artist Robert Crumb.  He’s an unapologetic misanthrope, subversive eccentric, and a one-of-a-kind artist. He oozes authenticity. When I was 11-years-old, my dad and I rented the documentary “Crumb” from Blockbuster as our Friday night movie of the week.  It got great reviews and my dad was …