Month: March 2018


There’s a Woodpecker Jackhammering Away at the Back of My House Right Now And, to Be Honest, It’s Getting Annoying


I’m sitting here peacefully trying to compose another pure gold article for Gary (my #1 Internet fan — hey Gary) and I CAN’T CONCENTRATE! But I know it’s not your fault. I know YOU personally didn’t spend months training a wild woodpecker to do mildly evil, annoying things. And you didn’t use your elite hacking …


The Importance of Defining Success for Yourself

“Success” is a tricky word. Everyone intuitively knows what it means.   But how often do you stop and think about whether or not the type of success you’re pursuing is what you really want? External forces — family pressures, financial needs, social media influences, advertising, mainstream culture — are all too happy to define …


“Tribes” by Seth Godin: Motivational Blue Balls

Tribes book

Positives 1) It’s small, physically.  Despite having only average-sized hands, I felt powerful holding this dainty little book.  Walking around palming this thing made me feel like the LeBron James of book handling. 2) There was no wait at the library to check it out. 3) It fills me with hope.  Hope to know that …